some work – Frog Zombie

I worked on the head and corrected the nostrils, and worked on the feet as well, too. I started the coloring, as well, in ZBrush, but I am going to take it over to Bodypaint to finalize the painting. Without painting layers and blend modes, ZBrush is pretty limiting. I’m not as comfortable with Bodypaint, though, so I really wish I could stick to only one package.
One of his eyes will be hanging out of his head, and he will have some exposed ribs, but I’m trying to hold off on that until when I’m adding the high-frequency details, since it will be asymmetrical. Unfortunately, deciding to move on to asymmetrical detail is a little of a one way process, so I’m having to repress the “It’s not perfect!” impulse.


~ by Chris Blazick on November 22, 2009.

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